Kindle Unlimited on Pubby Co

. . . is a useful alternative to letting reviewers download free copies. Personally, it feels a lot safer to me.

You have to pay to unlock it, just like you have to pay for verified purchase reviews, but it’s a one-time purchase. As of late 2020, verified purchase reviews cost $14.99 to unlock. Kindle Unlimited (KU) reviews cost $9.99. Getting the actual review costs 200 more snaps than a free PDF copy.

That being said, it’s clear that not all KU reviewers read the whole book. I can look at my reports from KDP and see that a frustratingly-high percent of KU reviewers just read about 20-30 pages. I’d assume that’s the beginning and the end. Personally, I have to admit that I have rushed through some books. It is A LOT of reading. I can sympathize since I’ve definitely done some reviews where I’ve read the first few chapters, some random pages through the middle, and the ending. Since these are not the first reviewers, I’m not as concerned about it. Although it does speak to quality.

Here’s what each review type costs for my books so far if I give reviewers four days (without selecting the recommended reader option):

Victim (~48.5k words)

Verified purchase 2.99: 2150 snaps

Verified purchase 0.99: 1550 snaps

Kindle Unlimited: 1450 snaps

Free PDF copy: 1250 snaps

Into the Unknown (~60k words)

Verified purchase 2.99: 2230 snaps

Verified purchase 0.99: 1630 snaps

Kindle Unlimited: 1530 snaps

Free PDF copy: 1330 snaps

Will to Speak (~63k words)

Verified purchase 2.99: 2240 snaps

Verified purchase 0.99: 1640 snaps

Kindle Unlimited: 1540 snaps

Free PDF copy: 1340 snaps

It is worth noting that you need at least some verified purchase reviews to avoid suspicion (amazon may decide to delete all of the reviews you’ve earned otherwise). I don’t know what percentage is best.

You can find my original Pubby Co review [here]

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