Welcome! I have no choice, other than to write.

When I was little, I panicked my parents by telling them that I wanted to be a storyteller. At the time, I meant that I wanted to tell stories, since my writing and playing had become about telling stories. This is not how my parents took it. But, what did they think I meant? That person who reads books out loud to kids in the library?

Of course, what I did not tell them is that a storyteller was actually a profession I had created in a world setting I had designed. (At the time, I also did not have such fancy wording for my imagination.) In the storyteller’s world, being a storyteller would be an accepted profession. This person would travel around the world telling their wonderful, adventurous stories and the stories of various other people that they had met along the way. (You know, like a bard.) This would be a highly respected person who would bring entertainment. With the rights to travel to places where others could not, they would see the world.

I know that this is not what my parents thought I meant when I said that. And, my plans (if you can call them that) have evolved since then. Right now, I am holding my life together and backpacking on the other side of the planet. Or, at least, that’s what I was doing before the coronavirus pandemic. Now I’m back in the states and stuck in what feels like floundering limbo. I’m terrible at planning (at least I admit it), so I don’t know where I’ll be in a year from now. What I do know is that I’ll always be writing and telling my stories. Whether that story is a fantasy following a fallen mystic, or a science fiction of artificial lifeforms functioning in a dystopian society. If that story calls for change, or if it simply tells a tale. I want to tell my stories, no matter where they may take me, or where I may end up in life. So I will have to see what is in store for me.

I am openly non-binary. If you have a problem with that, get off my site. My pronouns are they / them. I’ll also accept he / him if you are uncomfortable with the singular they.

The author photo below is pretty old at this point. I know, I need to update it.

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