Extras, additional side arcs, insights into character histories, world descripts, and random other tidbits. The first set of links, under ‘settings’, leads to world descriptions for the settings that I use. After that, the extras are divided based on which work they are from. I let anyone use my settings as long as they give me credit for it. If you do decide to use one, then have either a link to this page or the url with the written credit. And PLEASE READ the below paragraph. If you have any questions about any of them, write that question in a comment on that post. I’ll respond as soon as I can. Otherwise, you can ask me on Goodreads or just tweet me. Enjoy.

FOR AVOIDANCE OF LEGAL HEADACHES: Do not reprint or repost any of my work without proper quotations and a citation (this can be a link with name credit). This also applies to my world descripts. Your quote can not exceed three paragraphs. Do not fight me on this (I will win). Need a media kit? Contact me for it.


Settings! 😀

Please note that these settings are constantly evolving. They may feel a bit lacking now, but the point is that I’ve set out to map them further. I am establishing a basis for my future works and collectivizing what I have. Everyone starts somewhere, and so does every idea. Currently, the most complete descripts are The Balance of Souls and Victory Dreams of Techno-Sleep.

[The Balance of Souls]

[Victory Dreams of Techno-Sleep]

[Interconnected Multiverse]

[World Descript – The World of the Mystics]

[World Descript – The World of Color]

[World Descript – The Indefinite World]

[World Descript – The World of the Light]

[The Personifieds and Other Beings That Cross Over]


It Began with a Dream:

[Loss of Detail]

[Seeing the Stranger Out]


Into the Unknown:

[Into the Unknown FAQs]



[Victim Character Descripts]

[A Brush with Death]

[Afterword (Victim)]

[Victim’s Original Third Chapter]

[Victim’s Stance on Guns]

[Looking Back and Looking Forward]

[Victim’s Genre]



[Wing Character Descripts]

[Miiyenae’s Fall]

[The Early Days of an Undead]



[Y Character Descripts]

[The Case of the Missing Shoes]

[A Detailed Explanation of the Concept of Assiyara]

[A Response to two common questions about Y]

[Parnih’s Redemption]

[A Random Adventure with Glarus]

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