Extras, additional side arcs, insights into character histories, world descripts, and random other tidbits. The first set of links, under ‘settings’, leads to world descriptions for the settings that I use. After that, the extras are divided based on which work they are from. I let anyone use my settings as long as they give me credit for it. If you do decide to use one, then have either a link to this page or the url with the written credit. And PLEASE READ the below paragraph. Characters are not settings (in other words, you may not use any of my characters without my permission). If you have any questions about any of my settings, write that question in a comment on that post. I’ll respond as soon as I can. Otherwise, you can ask me on Goodreads or just tweet me @TheRenJDorian. Enjoy.

FOR AVOIDANCE OF LEGAL HEADACHES: Do not reprint or repost any of my work without proper quotations and a citation (this can be a link with name credit). This also applies to my world descripts. Your quote can not exceed three paragraphs. Do not fight me on this (I will win). Need a media kit? Contact me for it.


Settings! 😀

Please note that these settings are constantly evolving. They may feel a bit lacking now, but the point is that I’ve set out to map them further. I am establishing a basis for my future works and collectivizing what I have. Everyone starts somewhere, and so does every idea. Currently, the most complete descripts are The Balance of Souls and Victory Dreams of Techno-Sleep.

[The Balance of Souls]

[Victory Dreams of Techno-Sleep]

[Interconnected Multiverse]

[World Descript – The World of the Mystics]

[World Descript – The World of Color]

[World Descript – The Indefinite World]

[World Descript – The World of the Light]

[The Personifieds and Other Beings That Cross Over]


It Began with a Dream:

[Loss of Detail]

[Seeing the Stranger Out]


Into the Unknown:

[Into the Unknown FAQs]



[Victim Character Descripts]

[A Brush with Death]

[Afterword (Victim)]

[Victim’s Original Third Chapter]

[Victim’s Stance on Guns]

[Looking Back and Looking Forward]

[Victim’s Genre]



[Wing Character Descripts]

[Miiyenae’s Fall]

[The Early Days of an Undead]



[Y Character Descripts]

[The Case of the Missing Shoes]

[A Detailed Explanation of the Concept of Assiyara]

[A Response to two common questions about Y]

[Parnih’s Redemption]

[A Random Adventure with Glarus]

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