Two Common Questions about Y



A response to two common questions

WARNING: This post does contain spoilers. If you read this post before reading Y then you will expose yourself to spoilers. Proceed at your own discretion.



  1. Are the Kai-am-mai representatives of _______?

No, they are not. I wrote Y during my senior year of high school, before I created my vision statement. If there is any resemblance to a specific group of people in the real world, then this was not intentional. So, they are not representatives of ______. Or, at least, they are not intentional ones.


  1. Who was the elderly man in Parnih’s flashback?

His grandfather. His knowledge had told him of Parnih’s mother’s death and Lyva’s discovery of knowledge and magic. Parnih’s father, a mystic by birth, had fallen in love with Parnih’s mother, a non-magic user, and had wanted to be with her, even though this was forbidden between mystics and non-magic users. So, Parnih and Lyva were forbidden from knowing their father’s identity. Their father himself could not come, even with the knowledge of their mother’s death, since he feared revealing his identity to them and putting them in danger. So, the grandfather came instead. He was moved to help Parnih, even though this risked revealing his identity. However, Parnih was too concerned with his mother to notice.

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