Thursday update January 25

So, I haven’t posted in a while. Really, my last post was on November 1, 2017. Oops. I’ll admit I’ve been busy – I had a table at a local author event, my grandfather became ill, I’ve starting subbing with the local school system, and I’ve been hard at work on another sci-fi. So, I’m trying something new for a while: Thursday updates. Every Thursday until March 29, I will either post a regular blog post or a Thursday update. So, here goes:


Before I continue, there is one serious topic I still have to address. I know I don’t talk about this one well:

My grandfather has been diagnosed with lung cancer. He’s 91 and he wants to die. We just don’t want him to be in any pain. I’m going to leave this topic at that.

So, here’s an update for today:

Into the Unknown just hit beta! It’s 60,803 words! That’s 108 typed pages of 12-point times new roman, probably roughly 250 printed book pages. Today I just printed my copies for my betas. This was, of course, after replacing the printer toner and resolving around three internal paper jams. Also I can’t fix the excessive ink splatters, but it is readable (yeah, it’s been a long day). I’ve already been in touch with them. So, my next step is to actually get the printed copy to my betas. I’ll bake them cookies as a thank you later, probably around when they’re done reading.

I’ve already selected which side project I want to move up to main. Natsume is still technically a working title, but I’ve made some good progress on it recently. It does look like IBwaD will stay as the secondary. But, with Natsume, I’ve been thinking I might make G an aro character, especially since I had a main in a long term relationship in both Victim and ItU. In Victim, Mica and Rina are more clearly a couple, but Aiden and N still have their moments. That being said, I’m a demi who has recently written two (probably) alloromantic couples. Since I know I don’t like romantics (as in awkward romantic beginnings and big grandiose romantic gestures), I wrote both these couples as if they’ve been in a longer term relationship for a while. I can feel that I want a break from writing alloromantics, so I am seriously considering making G aromantic. Or maybe a demi? I think I’ll see what feels right to the character when they hit that type of situation.

Also, I’ve accidentally edited Natsume (the character) out of Natsume (the story). I need to fix that.