Horror is in the air!


I love Halloween. The excuse to sing spooky music, the fun of having an opportunity to scare people, the abundance of horror and supernatural, the after-holiday candy sales. Yeah, I know there are some recurring problems (certain costumes are just downright insulting, not just insensitive). But, overall, I love Halloween. Tonight I will put on my sorcerer’s hat, sing spooky music, and hang out in the driveway to pass out candy. But, that’s not all this post is about.

Victim was just published! I may still have a lingering grin on my face; it finally feels real. Albeit, this launch was not without some setbacks – I’ll only have five copies for the local author event Saturday (that being said, it’s free for me to participate, so all I really lose is some possible sales). Here’s the other setback: navigating the BISAC category. Sci-fi horror, on its own, is not an official category. We have one for space opera, and another for steampunk sci-fi, but not sci-fi horror. I get to use two separate categories, right? I am going to stop that rant here. Right now, I get to go around updating way too many little details (I have to add the cover image to Victim’s page, for example). Also, I kind of forgot the social media posts (oops?), but I might just do those Saturday. Here’s why:

On Saturday (November 4, 2017), I will be at a local author event at the public library called Read Local. This is essentially a friendly book festival featuring local authors. Right now, at least, I do qualify as local. Since I helped out a friend at a book festival in late September, I feel reasonably prepared to participate. I just have to print business cards, receive the copies, get the KDP link (in a way I can distribute for potential ebook sales), print and sign the MOU, print the bookmarks (after I either find the earlier design or redesign them), ask if I can have a candy dish, check the distribution channels, update my site, locate tablecloth and master wordsmith plaque, find that clear display stand . . .

(Well, I’m off. I’ll post again soon.)