Sci-fi, fantasy, and horror! And observations on life. I just changed my writing name (if you’re curious, you can read the dedicated page above). Sometimes, Google still thinks that my blog is the most important page to show in the search results. Why? I have no clue. If it got more visits than my other pages (it doesn’t), then that’d be more reasonable. Maybe it just likes the word blog.

Or maybe because Google’s still taking people to the old URL? It redirects here, so that’s ultimately not a problem, but it’s still odd.

Anyway, welcome to my blog! Please, please look around other pages on this site (like my novels and extras) if you got here via google. As for everyone else. . .

Fair warning: I write fiction better than I write non-fiction (a major reason why I’ve since discovered that blogging is not for me). You have been warned.

Here are the topics: Writing, Publishing, Experiments / The Creative Process, Gender, Outside Obervations, and ???? (miscellanious / other).



Experiments / The Creative Process

Gender / LGBT

  • [NB Philosophy?]
  • [Our Obsession with Dualism]

Outside Observations

  • [FotNS vs Superman IV – balancing a hero’s powers]
  • [How Not to Represent LGB Characters – DS9’s s7e12]
  • [Risks of Using the Real World – Voyager’s s7e19]
  • [Risky Names – Voyager’s s7e16]
  • [The Necessity of the Scully Effect]
  • [Drifters’ Shock Factor]
  • [Threatening or Humorous? Goldnail and Villainy]


Thursday updates:

Should I do some creative non-fiction? Maybe someday.

[This page was previously titled DNS. The name was changed for a variety of obvious reasons, mainly the fact that the name DNS is unclear.]

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