Thursday update February 15

Yeah, I know today’s technically Wednesday EST, but I can take advantage of my site thinking it’s British. I have a busy day tomorrow.

There was no Thursday update for February 8 because of the Balance of Souls world descript. I finally finished it! The entire world descript has 10,703 words and fills around 20 pages of single-spaced size 12 times new roman font in a word doc. I spent a few hours typing most of that one day. Friday? Maybe. I finished, edited, and posted it the next day. The main descript branches off into 12 other posts. Whoa, that was longer than I thought it would be. Only five more world descripts to type out and a multiverse to map. I’ll get to those later. But, yes, I’m aware there are no pictures. I’ll probably add some of those eventually.

For Natsume, I am considering the title Will to Speak. The term will, in modern usage as it appears in the title, denotes having willpower and determining a choice; this is very fitting for the main character’s arc. Yes, I have read Shakespeare, so I am aware of the older use for the term (assigned male genitalia, for anyone whose curious). To me, the modern usage also denotes a deliberate and determined desire, which is also fitting to the character. I will (ha!) take the modern usage. ‘Will to Speak’ also just sounds fun as a title, but I’m going to let the idea sit a bit longer before I decide for sure.

I have two sub gigs tomorrow. First is AM preschool (I get to wake up at 6:25, or at least before I arrive). Second is just an end of day HS gig, so I’ll probably edit during it. But I also work an evening shift in the nursery tomorrow, so it’s going to be a long day. Happy Thursday everyone.

(Although, speaking of Shakespeare, there was another playwright of a similar time whose works I enjoyed enough to go looking for them on my own, but their name is escaping me at the moment. Maybe it stated with an M? That wasn’t Christopher Marlowe, but maybe I’ll randomly recall it later.)

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