Write with me?


I’m trying something new. Is it a bright idea? I think so. I don’t know how fall I’ll make it in this challenge, but I want to try it.

So, let’s begin:

The What:

I intend to post a video of myself writing every day. The intent of the challenge is to see how many days I can go. The minimum length is ~10 minutes. No, you (probably) won’t see me in the video. You might see my cat. Otherwise, it’s just my webcam rigged on a tripod with a rod angled to show the pages I’m working on.

The Why:

I haven’t been writing as much as I’d like to lately. I don’t know if it’s the pandemic, stress, timing, or, honestly, everything else that’s going on right now. But I feel like I can’t catch up to myself. So, I decided to do something about it by doing this challenge.

The How:

I rigged my webcam on my tripod with a rod angled to show the pages I’m working on. This actually makes it surprisingly portable, but it’s also easier for me to write on the floor due to the level of table space required. On the bright side, I have a lap desk and I like experimenting by writing in different places.

The When:

Most of these will be recorded the night before and posted the next day via Youtube’s option to schedule an upload. (That gives me a little bit of leeway to be late since, well, things happen.)

The Where:

My [Youtube channel]

(Because, yes, I have one of those.)


Me. Yeah, that one’s probably obvious. Anyone can join me if they want. I’m putting these on a playlist on Youtube, so anyone can also join me retroactively.

Here’s the [first video]

And the playlist  [[link]


(Quick note: despite popular belief, work is copyrighted on the internet. Overall, I’m not expecting any major issues. I will still limit what’s visible, mix up things like project order, and be mindful of which projects I work on. I’m debating not working on any of my main projects, so you’ll probably see more secondary side projects, experimental treatises, and essays.)

(Note from the future: Youtube video successfully embedded on September 25th, 2022.)