Note: It’s Always a Dark Topic was the name of my portfolio in creative writing in high school. My writing style has since improved, but I’m still proud of the pieces I’ve put on my site. Looking back, I can see the beginnings of my style, but also some of the mistakes I used to make a lot. Overall, though, I am still proud of these, mostly because I greatly enjoyed writing them at the time. Enjoy 🙂

The light flickered strangely for a moment, before shining brightly. The white light forced the inhabitants of the large chamber to waken. As strangely deformed blood-red creatures, their shapes resembled those of large, upright lizards. Slowly, they circled the one remaining sleeping being. She was obviously human as she slept upon their sacrificial author. One of the lizard-like creatures draped a purple blanket over the alter and the sleeping human, while the others began to chant. It was a strange guttural and mysterious chant with lower notes that rose and fell without rhythm. Yet, still the human slept.

Serenity is what they had called her. When she was younger, she had wandered into their midst after her parents had left her. They had abandoned her and left her there to die, yet the lizard-like creatures had raised her to serve their own purpose.

Often they forced her into sleep, as she was now. Even after raising her, the lizard-like beings felt no emotion towards her. None had bonded with her, and none had enjoyed being in her presence. Now, she had finally reached the proper age for their ceremonies.

While she slept, Serenity was happiest. It was in her dreams that she finally embraced her parents and they finally loved her. Her dreams had become a blissful escape from the harsh reality.

Her parents slowly removed themselves from the embrace. Confused, Serenity waited as a look of sadness entered her mother’s eyes. “All is gone. All can never be,” her mother said. Serenity reached towards her parents, yet they vanished.

Suddenly, a chilling scream of pure agony sounded in the chamber. Unable to complete their ceremony, the lizard-like creatures silently acknowledged defeat. In an orderly and organized way, they left the chamber. The locks clicked in the doors behind them, yet they never looked back. Now, it was their turn to leave her there to die. No regrets and no feeling towards her. Not even one of the creatures ever thought of her again.

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