Write with me? Quick update


The [first blog post] about this was published on May 25, 2022. It’s now well into July. Whoops.

(I won’t review what the challenge is. Review the above link if that interests you.)

I originally undertook that challenge because I realized I wasn’t writing as much as I wanted to. I still don’t know if it’s the pandemic, stress, timing, or, honestly, everything else that’s going on right now. But I feel like I can’t catch up to myself. The problem that caused me to undertake the write with me challenge still persists.

And I still want to do something about it. However, I think the timing was off before. Now I think it’ll be easier to batch any wwm (write with me) videos together so I can upload them in groups. I’ll probably keep the format the same (one spaced for ever day and included on the playlist), even though that wouldn’t necessarily be accurate to when the videos were made.

I did make it almost two weeks originally. Although I don’t have a set schedule decided yet, I have decided to continue the challenge. This time, I won’t be aiming for every day. Instead, I’ll be batching them for a while and trying to determine what schedule works best for me. I’ll probably be posting another one of these updates on it in the future.

In the meantime, here’s the playlist [link] again.

Now I’m off to upload videos.


Note from the future: Youtube videos successfully embedded on September 25th, 2022. I’ve also started uploading some with sound:

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