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You can tweet me @TheRenJDorian

I’m also in the process of setting up a youtube channel! πŸ™‚ I have some ideas, but there’s not much there yet:


Unlisted: NaNoWriMo, Gaiaonline, and Y (below).


Specific books:

[Will to Speak kindle edition]

[Will to Speak on amazon]

[Into the Unknown kindle edition]

[Into the Unknown on amazon]

[Victim kindle edition]

[Victim on amazon]


Nobody out there can write the story you're writing, the way you're writing it. It's unique. It's special.

We all compare ourselves to other authors, but only YOU can tell the story you're telling.

And I can't wait to read it.

"No, she's deary. The other's dreary." I mumble to myself while editing. *Cat gives me a weird look* "Because I didn't bother naming them." I respond, realizing that, yes, I do talk to myself while editing. Also, the cat if she's around.

Want to find me somewhere else on the internet? An easy place is http://renjdorian.com/central. There you’ll find links to my books. You’ll also find my amazon author page, goodreads, and even my youtube channel. Yes, I changed my pen name. No, I no longer edit other people's work.

β€œThen, finally, came a respite. A regular, average nightmare. It was wonderful.” I’m having fun with some of my lines as I reread my final edit. It’ll be sent to my beta readers soon.

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I do still have a gaia. Although I rarely visit the site now, I used to frequent the writers forum.

I was apparently feeling very energized and somewhat pirate-ish when I made this outfit. As you can see, I enjoy mixing gendered cues. For example, that’s a female haircut on a male avatar (as evidenced by the flat chest). I always make sure there’s a cat (where possible), and usually a lack of shoes.