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I’m also in the process of setting up a youtube channel! πŸ™‚ I have some ideas, but there’s not much there yet:


Unlisted: NaNoWriMo, Gaiaonline, and Y (below).


Specific books:

[Will to Speak kindle edition]

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[Into the Unknown kindle edition]

[Into the Unknown on amazon]

[Victim kindle edition]

[Victim on amazon]


They say we
cease breathing
when we die

But what if you
are #beyond
our breathing?

What if you are
Breathing in
bursts of beauty
in days-long draws

Breathing out
gusts of grace
over ages?

What if the only
breath abandoned
is our feverish,
earthly gasping
for eternity?

Every short fiction rejection is a strike along the whetstone. And with every strike, we must strive to make our writing sharper. The pen cannot be left blunt, if it is to truly be mightier than the sword.

@anniejuh @shayxonline My friend told me that she was so determined to be the best in high school that she ended up giving herself a stress-related heart condition. That's when she realized that her life was worth more than a letter on a piece of paper. I think that can apply to adult life too.

Accountability post / update:

WIP 1: TMotS: 12,182 words

WIP 2: Domes: 10,036 words

Special SS Proj: Almost 3,000 words, including untyped edits. Out of an estimated 16k words.

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I do still have a gaia. Although I rarely visit the site now, I used to frequent the writers forum.

I was apparently feeling very energized and somewhat pirate-ish when I made this outfit. As you can see, I enjoy mixing gendered cues. For example, that’s a female haircut on a male avatar (as evidenced by the flat chest). I always make sure there’s a cat (where possible), and usually a lack of shoes.