Current Projects


Note: As of 2020, I am no longer maintaining this post. It fell out of date a while before now, but I’m officially letting it fade into the archives.

All the projects on this page are still being worked on. At any moment, any of them may change. There is no specific order to how they are listed, expect that the main project and secondary main projects are listed first.


Will to Speak [current main project]

  • Sci-fi
  • The Balance of Souls
  • I have determined the ultimate ending and plotted most of the first day. Most of the writing done so far is either in the first day (following the outline) or random scenes for later on.
  • Currently (as of February 2018) roughly 12k words.
  • Some important events of this setting in Will to Speak were originally intended to impact the events of ItU, but that bit was taken out of ItU. The two stories do still pair well together.
  • The original title of this work was Natsume, except I accidentally wrote that character out of the story so I changed the title. Pieces of this thought process can be found scattered through some of the Thursday updates if anyone’s curious.


[It Began with a Dream] [current secondary main project]

  • Horror
  • Victory Dreams of Techno-Sleep
  • Currently has over 50k words
  • Three part structure
  • I have a lot of editing to do, but at least the draft is essentially complete.
  • Since it is my secondary main project, I work on this one when I feel like working on a project other than my main project.

The Man on the Stage

  • The genre of this work is debatable. Fantasy? Sci-fi?
  • Victory Dreams of Techno-Sleep
  • Random scenes are written out, and some other random scenes are outlined. Overall, a lot still needs to be decided in order to reach the ending. There is a clear (almost) ending in sight.
  • This work does include two characters whose stories I have been wanting to work more on for awhile.
  • This may become a secondary main project soon.

Black and Red

  • Fantasy
  • The World of Color
  • As of November 2017, only has a few chapters and a detailed outline
  • I’ll get back to this project eventually

The Light

  • Fantasy
  • The World of the Light
  • As of July 2016, only has few chapters and a partial outline
  • Outline needs reworking
  • I’ll (probably) get back to this project eventually

When Death Frequents

  • Sci-fi
  • Takes place in a dystopian society, not a shared setting
  • As of July 2016, only has few chapters and a partial (basic) outline
  • Outline needs reworking (again)
  • I’ll (probably) get back to this project eventually, but it will be sitting on the sidelines for awhile.

To Be Decided

  • Horror
  • Victory Dreams of Techno-Sleep
  • As of October 2016, has approximately 13k words and a detailed outline for the remainder of the work, clear ending in sight
  • This work may be the next secondary main project
  • I’ve recently reworked parts of the outline

Hospital Ship

  • Sci-fi horror
  • Takes place in a dystopian society, not a shared setting
  • This is an old idea that was started and put on hold after only a few chapters. The idea is still solid and may be revisited soon.


  • Fantasy
  • The Indefinite World
  • As of July 2016, has about 20 partially outlined and partially written chapters, clear ending in sight
  • This is an older work that keeps getting pushed back. I’l revisit it eventually.

Migali and Miguel

  • Fantasy
  • The Indefinite World
  • As of July 2016, has about 11 chapters in need of editing. The remainder is in outline format, clear ending in sight
  • This is an older work that keeps getting pushed back. I’ll revisit it eventually.


  • Sci-fi
  • Takes place in various locations in the interconnected multiverse
  • As of July 2016, has only a few chapters started and a solid idea. The outline is still mostly in idea format, and needs more detail.
  • Has been rewritten at least three times
  • I’ll probably get back to this project eventually, but it will be waiting awhile.

To The Sky

  • Sci-fi horror
  • Takes place in a setting created specifically for this work (which is not likely to become a shared setting, so it is not listed under the settings in extras)
  • As of October 2016, is more of an idea. Has a beginning, an ending, and a very rough, basic outline.

Shiloh’s Story, Mellar’s Following, Machine Planet and Imperfection Unclaimed

  • These works are mostly in idea format with random pieces written out. The written amount varies, but I know what I want to happen and I know most of the plot.
  • Mellar’s Following takes place in the World of the Mystics. Machine Planet takes place in The Balance of Souls (midway through the timeline). Shiloh’s Story and Imperfection Unclaimed are in settings specific to the work (which are not likely to become shared so they’re not included in the settings listed on the extras page).
  • These are here since I will work on them eventually, but I am going to work on other projects first.

Two Common Questions about Y



A response to two common questions

WARNING: This post does contain spoilers. If you read this post before reading Y then you will expose yourself to spoilers. Proceed at your own discretion.



  1. Are the Kai-am-mai representatives of _______?

No, they are not. I wrote Y during my senior year of high school, before I created my vision statement. If there is any resemblance to a specific group of people in the real world, then this was not intentional. So, they are not representatives of ______. Or, at least, they are not intentional ones.


  1. Who was the elderly man in Parnih’s flashback?

His grandfather. His knowledge had told him of Parnih’s mother’s death and Lyva’s discovery of knowledge and magic. Parnih’s father, a mystic by birth, had fallen in love with Parnih’s mother, a non-magic user, and had wanted to be with her, even though this was forbidden between mystics and non-magic users. So, Parnih and Lyva were forbidden from knowing their father’s identity. Their father himself could not come, even with the knowledge of their mother’s death, since he feared revealing his identity to them and putting them in danger. So, the grandfather came instead. He was moved to help Parnih, even though this risked revealing his identity. However, Parnih was too concerned with his mother to notice.