Random trivia of the balance of souls

[The Balance of Souls]

Marrakesh, Morocco, saw an unprecedented cultural boom and revival in the 2050s, landing that time and place in the idealized lens along with Renaissance Italy and 1930s New York City. Mostly because this writer wants to travel there.

Clothing in time point three is considered more valuable the less it smells like gasoline exhaust because that means it has had less exposure to the Pyrrh.

GT in Will to Speak was originally just called G, but I changed it because of G Callen in NCIS: LA. In my shorthand I sometimes still just put G. (Also, the original title of Will to Speak was Natsume, but I accidentally wrote the character Natsume out of the story.)

This entire world descript (as of February 3, 2018) fills approximately 20 pages of size 12 times new roman font in a word doc. The word count is 10,703 words.

Pets exist through all the time points. They are still wildly-adored in time point three. If a human has a pet and has to travel, they will go out of their way to bring the pet with them. It should be noted that food replicators also dispense pet food.

I’ll add more trivia later.

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