What exactly are the Pyrrh?

[The Balance of Souls]

This is part of a world descript for a science fiction setting. If you got here by accident, hit the back button on your browser.

For the time being, I would like to keep some of the specifics in mystery. To see the theory behind why Pyrrh exist, see the link off the main world descript pertaining to time travel and its effects. Here are the useful descriptors:

  • Light-up blue dots
  • Electricity has no effect against them as a weapon
  • Shaking, rumbling ground
  • Tend to live / travel in groups
  • Mechanical appendages, such as arms and hands
  • Smell like gasoline

Note: Pyrrh did not start open warfare. Instead, they starting covertly dividing off and limiting humans β€˜for their own good’. It was only when humans became aggressive and started fighting Pyrrh control that the Pyrrh had to change tactics. The pivotal point leading to human conflict is often thought to be the Pyrrh seizing machine planet. At this point, the human government was essentially existent in name only. Even by then, the Pyrrh had begun to develop their own culture and their own unique society in their own right. Once time point three has been reached, several humans have started wondering if the Pyrrh want to keep them alive (considering, for example, the ready availability of clean drinking water even in the outer zone, the functioning inner zones, and what technology still functions to serve humans). The exception is, of course, if humans are caught in particular areas of the outer zones. However, the Pyrrh have developed certain warning cues (see above) to try to scareΒ  and ward away humans.

Please do not confuse this with concept behind the terminator movies. The Pyrrh are their own race of beings, regardless of where they evolved from or what techniques they use to limit humanity. The theory is that they are an alien race that mysteriously manifested in human space. Once time travel became more widespread, too many humans jumped back in time. This created a natural imbalance that the world tried to correct by certain computerized technologies developing awarenesses. When the Pyrrh arrived, they gained control of this new technological awareness / intelligence and used it against humanity. Beyond that, even the humans don’t know much about the Pyrrh by time point three.

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