Territories around Sol

[The Balance of Souls]

This is part of a world descript for a science fiction setting. If you got here by accident, hit the back button on your browser.

Although Sol as a name for our sun is debatable in its use in English now, humans needed a name to differentiate our star when venturing into space. Therefore, they defaulted to the name ‘Sol’. In between time points two and three, they built dozens of space stations and encountered over one hundred alien races. These alien races were at various stages of technological development, but none were openly threatening. For the most part, they either preferred to maintain their own established peace or be left alone. Since humans ventured out into either unclaimed territory or territory that was already maintained under a formal peace, they essentially fell into the alien system. It’s very basic: don’t interfere with other developed species (these are species capable of space travel on their own), only land on planets with developed species if their leaders formally welcome outsiders, if you built it you maintain it, all space stations must welcome and respect alien travelers (if they do not fall under the special interest clause), do not arrest or detain any member of another developed species, and no armed conflict with other developed species (otherwise the entire combined military of the peaceful species will descend on you to forcibly end said conflict).

Our own solar system and Alpha Centauri (A, B, and Proxima Centauri) are the main highlights of the Sol territory. The station officially named Centauri Space Station was nicknamed Wayward Point since Proxima Centauri had some unpredictable effects. Before the Pyrrh took over, it was a common stop for explorers traveling to and from Sol’s system. There is also a minor colony on the moon, Mars, and Europa, but mostly for scientific reasons. Since resources are no longer limited by allocations of currency, resources can be more freely allocated based mostly on need. More limited resources (such as certain rare gemstones and elements) are either divided based on merit for scientific purposes (as literally approved by a group voted on by people who choose to work in sciences) or placed in museums for public view. Space Travel has advanced enough that someone can get from Earth to Wayward Point in roughly three days by time point three (three to four weeks for time point two).

There can be some fun misunderstandings. For example, cats are not a developed species (since they are incapable of space travel on their own), therefore any species can interfere with cats. However, most aliens find them either adorable masters or superfluous fluff, so the cats mostly stay with just the humans.

When Pyrrh took control of the planet, they also assumed control of the Sol territories and the machine planet (for details on the machine planet, see the ventures into space link off the main setting descript). For more information on the Pyrrh, follow that link off the main world descript post. Since Pyrrh are developed species (from an unknown origin, aliens are not capable of interfering if they want to maintain peace). The actual arrival of the Pyrrh temporarily destabilized the region.  Although Pyrrh are a developed species that interfered with another developed species, the initial attempts to remove the armed conflict were met with high casualties. Eventually, the collective military force chose to leave the Sol territory in a new peace, one where the Pyrrh are allowed to be the dominant species. Many humans have escaped into unclaimed territory or welcoming alien territory (such as Anacondri’i territory).

Oftentimes, other species still call themselves “human” since that’s just a term in the language. For example, French says “humain(e)” and German says “mensch”. Either of these translated into English would be “human”. As can be expected, this causes quite the confusion. Languages themselves are not universal, but many species maintain translators (with varying effectiveness and level of technology). Other species that want to differentiate themselves more clearly (especially if they’re not closely resembling homo sapiens) may adopt and enforce their native term. Different species may also be represented by the language they speak and/or the dominant language where they come from (similarly to how we may call someone French). This does make it easier for humans from Sol territory to blend in in other territories.

The territories further away from Sol mostly follow the same premises, but some of them can get much more complicated. See the [Interconnected Multiverse] for details.

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