Lilchtee and other escapes

[The Balance of Souls]

This is part of a world descript for a science fiction setting. If you got here by accident, hit the back button on your browser.

Lilchtee are a popular candy known for their eclectic, mesmerizing bursts of flavor. They come in an off-beige plastic, the type you have to twist off to open. The candy itself has a distinct, off-orange peach color. N in Into the Unknown refers to them with a hybrid word between ‘explode’ and ‘candy’. Here is a section from Into the Unknown where N describes eating a lilchtee candy:

“I twisted the off-beige plastic, unwrapping mine to find their distinct almost clear, off-orange peach color. A smile still rested on my face. Quickly, I popped the candy into my mouth, slipping it underneath my tongue on the left. I leaned back, sliding into a more comfortable position laying on my left side. My hands were tucked under my pillow, my knees bent. Consciously, I made sure my one palm was flat against the cement – whether it helped or not, I liked to feel that I was more prepared to sense the Pyrrh. Before closing my eyes, I glanced around – Aiden had his hands under his head and his eyes on the ceiling. Amira was on her side like I was, an eager child-like grin still dancing upon her lips. My tongue began to grow numb, so I closed my eyes. I was ready to let it take me.

The numbness seeped into my jaw, aiming awkwardly towards below my teeth. Slowly, I lost total sensation in my tongue, feeling my entire body grow lighter. The world itself began to feel more distant, almost light and distorted. A cold drifted down into the roots of my teeth, like freezing light yogurt slipping down a pin tip.

Flavor exploded, starting at an extra sour green apple. My teeth felt like they were blasting off, like little rocket ships aiming to escape my mouth. Firecrackers went off against the roof like oddly sweet jalapenos and chili. It was an onslaught of flavors, a randomized assault on my senses so vivid I probably tensed up in my physical form (Aiden always does). To the outside world, we must appear to be in pain. But, on our insides, we were all ecstatic.”

Other escapes do exist in time point three, including various modern day escapes (although the attainability of all but marijuana is questionable at best). To clarify: Marijuana was legalized before this time point, and is actively grown is several inner zones. However, it’s consumption is limited, usually by the grower or the voucher system. Other escapes unique to this time point include:

  • Viva! A type of virtual reality playground accessible in certain shelters via the voucher card system.
  • An unusual bread-like dish. Eating it is rumored to grant you super hearing, eyesight, and strength. However, this rumor has yet to be confirmed and many fakes are known to exist in the inner zones. The taste of actual Sotrobe is usually described, at best, as wooden.
  • An off-type of lilchtee. So called for the temporary effects on memory.
  • [I may add more to this list later on.]

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