Thursday update March 8

Alright. Time for another Thursday update. It’s been a busy week, and tomorrow is another busy day. Technically, it’s Wednesday evening here, but I can take advantage of my site thinking it’s British. Here goes:

I’ve plotted more of Will to Speak! I have all of day 1 plotted, along with significant portions of days 2 and 3. Day 1 is entirely outlined (that’s also where most of the substance writing so far is). Technically I haven’t written out the outline to days 2 and 3 yet, but I want to allow some space still for randoms and scenes I have yet to plan out. A noticeable portion of day 3’s plot is still missing, but I do have the ultimate ending planned out already. I would include an updated word count here, but I probably have a few thousand words handwritten that I still need to type. (Randoms by the way are part of my organizational system while writing. They’re basically random scenes I decided to write out with at least one of the main characters. Sometimes I find a place for them and sometimes they end up as an extra on my site. If I see a particular trend in my randoms I might intentionally incorporate that trend into the overall plot depending on how it serves the story itself.)

I’ve added time bounty hunters and Time’s Doomsday Book. They’re in the language of time point three post under the Balance of Souls world descript. A hunter’s use of a Nimble will set in motion parts of the plot of day 2. However, my own day appears to be testing Murphy’s law, otherwise I would type out more about what I want to do with these concepts in WtS. Maybe I’ll make a post some day about my own writing process.

Remember that second cover I made for Victim? I’m still not satisfied with the earlier one (for reasons I explained in last week’s update), but I’ve decided to keep the current cover for now. The other image I made has been filed away on my computer so it might serve as a base for a later project.

Also, I’m wondering if I’m becoming a bit of a workaholic. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, especially since I am still establishing myself as a writer. However, I do recognize the need for balance. Breaks are also necessary, including mental ones. I’ve hit burnout way too many times in the past, so I recognize the danger of pushing myself too hard for too long. Well, here’s my solution: painting! I really enjoy painting as a hobby, but I haven’t done that much of it in a while. This weekend I picked up a few canvases and my dad helped me rig a makeshift easel in the garage. It’s made out of scrap wood and a clap, but will serve its purpose. I’ve already painted the background (a light magenta gradient). For the center, I’m thinking I’ll make a dark blue butterfly. I’m going to end up working on this at 3am when I’m too tired to write, aren’t I? That’s how this usually goes for me, but that’s just part of the fun of it.

Happy writing! (And painting!)

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