Nimbles and Empaths

[The Balance of Souls]

Nimbles are basically a hybrid between a human and the Pyrrh. The humans think they’re human, albeit with Pyrrh tech visibly integrated into their bodies. They’re called ‘Nimbles’ because of their propensity for agile movements and flight. Most Nimbles are children, and it is odd to see one speak a human language. It is rare to hear one speak at all, but a Nimble speaking in a way a human can understand is not unheard of. The Nimbles speak to each other through a type of visual language that involves finger motions.

For the most part, humans do grant Nimbles access to human spaces (such as shelters and inner zones), but Nimbles do face resistance. Many humans question their humanity, argue that they should be denied resources, and openly demand their allegiance. Nimbles are not spies, but they have no way to communicate that well.

They can communicate with the Pyrrh, but also only on a very basic level. Pyrrh do not harm Nimbles since they tend to perceive them as curiosities instead of potential threats (think how a person might perceive a beautiful bird). Jewelry is common among Nimbles since they tend to adore trinkets. They also love to decorate their own bodies. If you give one a container of paint they will paint their skin in intricate patterns. Most are forced to wear more bland clothes because of what they can access in the time, but they will lean towards brighter colors if given an option. Their eyes are especially drawn to patterns, whether complex or simple. Nimbles can communicate especially well with other Nimbles. Their language is mostly non-verbal, relying heavily on emotional expression, patterns, visual cues (like eye direction and attention), and their own unique signing (it looks to the human eye like a quick finger motion, almost like finger flicking). A Nimble will usually only use their signing with another Nimble.

In modern human terms, Nimbles tend to be roughly agender, genderqueer, or non-binary. They only tend to reveal their own understandings of genders when amoung other Nimbles. Humans do not usually notice this since Nimbles do not choose to communicate it to humans. But they do communicate it when interacting with Pyrrh.

(To clarify: Nimbles are not deaf. ASL and equivalents still exist for the deaf community. Nimble signing is its own language.)

I sketched a few:

Empaths do exist in humans. They are known to exist by time point three, but actually exist through all the time points. For example, Emalyn in Will to Speak is an empath. They read other being’s emotions phenomenally well, even if they are reading another species. Yes, this also applies to cats.

Empaths will also be very strongly impacted by the emotions of a space. They will often pick up on the vibe or feeling of an area and absorb it as their own. They’ll oftentimes also pull other’s emotions in in the same manner. It should be noted that this can be dangerous, since an empath can be overwhelmed by the strength of the emotions around them.

It is unknown if empaths exist among Nimbles.

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