Thursday update March 26

I know, today’s Monday. Yes, it’s really Monday here. You’re getting bullet points again today:

  • I was a little late with the Thursday update last week, so I made a post dedicated to the Nimbles in the Balance of Souls world descript. There’s been a lot of work drama and family stuff lately. After this update (which I’m counting as March 22 and March 29), I’ll switch the posts / update schedule to either every other week or once every three weeks. I’ve been having too much to deal with lately to maintain a weekly schedule.
  • Current Will to Speak wordcount: 9,449. I have plotted all of day one, most of day two, the absolute end, and pieces of day three. Significant portions were cut out when I went through that plotwork, so I probably cut out around 6,000 words of earlier writing that just didn’t fit anymore. My first editing pass over what I have so far is complete and the project is ready for a reprint.
  • I have a cover image in mind for Will to Speak. This one’s a photo, so the process will be more like when I made Y’s cover. I’ll still edit the image a bit (to remove any logos if necessary and fit it in format), but overall it should be easier since the bulk of the work for it will be in the staging of the original image, not the digital editing. My current idea is a set of headphones (or my dad’s older headset, if he still has it) over a cleared wooden area on a cluttered desk. But I’ll create multiple images and several variations before I decide for sure.
  • I have made several minor tweaks and fixes to the Balance of Souls world descript (in addition to adding the Nimbles post). For example, I added geargrind as an insult to time point three.
  • In retrospect is finally done and has been posted. You don’t see that one on the main feed on the homepage because I was filling in a placeholder post. Several [bracketed] posts on the blog and extras pages are placeholders for future posts. Overall, they’re at various stages of completion. For example, the self-publishing post is outlined. For another example, the FotNS post is just a good idea I want to write out eventually.
  • Remember that chess post I mentioned a few weeks ago? It’s outlined. Maybe I’ll do a post at some point about my writing process. I do a hybrid between typed and handwritten, so it actually sounds more complicated than it is.
  • Camp NaNo begins April 1st! I’ve set mine for 80 hours. Even if I don’t make that count, it is a useful way to track how productive I am for the month. I’ll be working mostly on my current main project (Will to Speak).
  • Update on Into the Unknown: I intend to publish my next book in April. I’m just waiting on one more beta reader to get back to me. Then it’ll only take me a few days to go through her comments, do the copyright, finish formatting the cover, and publish it. The summary is only partially written, but I always find that to be the most difficult part. I have the main cover image almost complete. However, I’m still concerned about my inability to find a sensitivity reader for this one. I did do a lot of research (I do tend to obsess, but I’ll admit I have been known to overdetail and overthink when I really research something), so I figure it’ll all work out. I know, probably not the best way to look at things, but that’s essentially how I have to look at it at this point. I do think I did well in the research that I did.
  • My grandfather passed away a week ago. We’re just glad he’s not in pain anymore.

Note from the future: I still have not found a sensitivity reader for ItU. However, an interpreter I know has agreed to beta read. Also, the next blog post will be filling in a placeholder post [here], and ItU’s official publishing date is now June 4, 2018. I moved the publishing date to give my betas more time.

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