Thursday update February 22

It’s been a long week and I think I’m fighting sickness. So, this update will be short:

  • Will to Speak has an official post! You can find it [here].
  • I’m unsatisfied with Victim’s current cover, so I’ve been sketching out a potential new one. I think I can keep my reviews on amazon if I change it? Hopefully.
  • I’ve been thinking about adding a new type of being to The Balance of Souls time point three. They’re called ‘Nimbles’ because of their propensity for agile movement and flight. Essentially, I’m thinking of making them human-like hybrids between the humans and the Pyrrh (“We think they’re human, but they have Pyrrh tech integrated into their bodies.”). Most common will probably be children, but it will be rare to hear one speak.
  • There’s a free event at the public library Saturday that I’ll be attending. It’s the writer’s edition of the small business start-up. I don’t have enough details to know what all exactly they’ll cover, but I’m hoping to get some insights on marketing. Yeah, I know I need to work on that.
  • Someone gave Victim a five star review on amazon!

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