Interconnected Universe


All of my settings are interconnected. Think of them as multiple planets in the same universe. I would also like to allow for the existence of separate dimensions, unknowns, and the infinite possibilities of the imagination. For the sake of simplicity, all of my stories do take place in the same overall dimension and timeline, with the exception of Utopia (draft).

Oftentimes, species across planets in my settings still call themselves “human” since that’s just a term in the language. For example, French says “humain(e)” and German says “mensch”. Either of these translated into English would be “human.” As can be expected, this causes quite the confusion. Languages themselves are not universal, but many species maintain translators (with varying effectiveness and level of technology). Other species that want to differentiate themselves more clearly (especially if they’re not closely resembling homo sapiens) may adopt and enforce their own term. Different species may also be represented by the language they speak and/or the dominant language where they come from (similarly to how we may call someone French).

Canonically, there are three separate known dimensions outside the main one. In a variety of bizarre circumstances, a character can occasionally travel between them. However, the frequent time travel in the Balance of Souls is having a ripple effect on space time: these jumps are getting more frequent. The Nomae in the Indefinite world have the ability to partially exist in a type of in between space between dimensions, so they are especially aware of this effect. For more info there, see the Indefinite World descript after I finish reorganizing the site.

I do have images, but most of them are still a work in progress. They will be added shortly. In the meantime, some of this information can be found in [Territories around Sol] in [The Balance of Souls] world descript.

(Note: the title of this post was updated on May 9, 2024. It used to read “Interconnected Multiverse.” I still think “multiverse” sounds fun, but I’ve had one too many people ask me “Like the Marvel movies?” This post also gets the most spam comments on my website. Why? I don’t know. But I decided that I should probably update the title of this post to better reflect the actual idea behind it. I’ve also updated the URL and other locations on my site that link to it.)

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