A Detailed Explanation of the Concept of Assiyara

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[Y] [Wing]

(Assiyara is pronounced “Ah – sih – yah – rah”. Yes, like the cheese.)

“Assiyara is that which we seek; it is what our lives desire. In our world, it is a treasured word, conveying so much meaning in just one term. I wanted to be sure that I was understood; she truly was my Assiyara.” – Mellar, Wing (draft form)

“Assiyara is what we desire. Each individual has an unconscious need to seek it out and follow it. We spend our whole lives searching for it.” – Glarus, Y

“There are two main problems with Assiyara. First, no one knows what it is. Second, most can never find it. Yet, I must refuse to be one of them. I will find Assiyara someday. Then I’ll share its existence with all the world!” – Glarus, Y

Assiyara is a term used in The World of the Mystics to refer to what we seek in life. It does not have an exact interpretation, since it means something different for each person. The concept is intentionally vague. However, there are still some requirements for it. As Glarus stated in Y, no one knows what it is, and most can never find it.

A common interpretation is to think of Assiyara as the actual seeking out of a purpose in life. The reason why you do not know what it is is that you have to discover your purpose before you can follow it. Many people do not discover their purpose, so it also fits the second requirement. Here is an example of this interpretation:

“You want to mean something in this world. You can not believe that you were just randomly born without a purpose. You have to find some reason that you were put here in this world; you are seeking your purpose in life.” – The elderly man in The Case of the Missing Shoes (Y Extra) [link]

Another common interpretation is much more romantic. If Assiyara is thought of as finding true love, then it also fits the requirements. First, you do not know who you are meant to love until you fall in love with them. Second, even though many people do find love, not everyone finds a true, lasting love.

Other interpretations do exist, since the concept is meant to be vague. By being so varying, and unclear, it allows for many different interpretations. It is also meant to have a slightly different meaning for each person, which adds even more variation.

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