World Descript – The World of the Mystics


[Y] [Wing]

“The dust danced with the light upon the windowpane. Hard, deep-grey stones stood adorned with bright, color-filled tapestries of old, ancient magics and powerful battles. Bright, beautiful, heart-warming sunlight floated down from the sky into this magnificent, tall tower. Only the most privileged have any right to study in this place.” –Y, about a privileged section of the City of the Mystics

“The pale, twin moons shine beautiful, silvery light down from the night sky. They illuminate a small clearing in the woods. Branches of trees interlock around the area, creating a safe haven in this wilderness. The pale light gives a grey, almost-ghostly appearance to this place.” -Y, in reference to the moons and a bit of the wilderness forest

A world of magic, run by the mystic government. Controlled by an elite class with strict control over magic. The mystics claim that only they have magic, which they use as an excuse to maintain power. They are opposed by the Kai-am-mai rebels, the native beings to this world. The mystic government would do anything to keep power, even as it abuses its subjects.

This world descript is divided into sections to prevent one overly-large mega-post:

[Mystic World Races]

[Mystic World Map]

[Map of the City of the Mystics]

[Map of the Mystic World Islands]

[Mystic World Magic and Knowledge]

[Mystic World Kai-am-mai Rebels]

[Mystic World Timeline]

[A Detailed Explanation of the Concept of Assiyara]

[Details of Mystic World Burial Practices]

[Mystic World Kai-am-ban]


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