Genre: Fantasy

Pages: [Not yet recorded]

Word Count: ~57k

Publishing Date: [Put on hold indefinitely. I’d have to clean up so much old writing that I’m not sure when (if?) I’ll be returning to it. I put way too much pressure on myself when writing it initially and there are some major pacing issues. It will likely remain unpublished.]


My second book! At approximately 57k words, this work had been my secondary project for a long time, since before I even started focusing on Y. Wing has been through many rounds of editing, and seen multiple side-plots and chapters added to it over years. However, less than a year ago, I decided to make it my main project until its completion.

It is set in the World of the Mystics, the same setting as Y. Although the two stories are not part of a series, certain events from Y are mentioned (because of how large an impact the events of Y have on the setting). For example, the disappearance of the stars during Y is mentioned in Wing as having happened before the story began. However, you can still understand Wing without reading Y.

I continued with self-publishing for Wing, and had already created my website before Wing’s publication. I still have a lot of work to do with marketing, so I decided to try something a little different when Wing is published. The effectiveness of social media may soon be tested.



[Summary has yet to be written][Whoops]


Daeya’s song is NeedToBreathe Something Beautiful. You can [find it on youtube here].


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