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Confident, Scarred, Prideful

The apprentice to the great Miiyenae, Mellar is very mission-oriented. If he is given a task, then he will get it done. His strengths include his ability with magic (manifest and power-drawn) and his physical strength. Because of a previous training accident, he has an obvious scar on his face that tends to strike fear in others. Many people are afraid of him, and see him just as someone to fear (the muscular build only adds to this fear).

Mellar himself is not brave, but is reluctant to fear. To him, any obstacle or challenge is simply another task that must be done. If he had a mission that wanted him to cross a glass floor, he would put one foot on it to test it, then take off running across as soon as he knew it would hold his weight. He is aware of his personal safety, but he prioritizes his physical ability or the task at hand.

Tall, with black hair, he has an old scar that runs from above his right eye, down the side of his nose, then across his right cheek. His eyes are dark brown, and he prefers to wear dark colors. His wings (summoned by manifest magic) are mostly black, with some purple and red.

Mellar ran away from home as a child after discovering magic. His sister had been attacked, and Mellar’s magic had appeared when he tried to save her. Found by Miiyenae, he was given two options: go with her or die at the hands of the mystics. He picked the better of the two, going with her and learning from her. The scar was received not long afterwards from a fellow apprentice who tried wielding a sword. For years, he has done whatever Miiyenae asks of him.

Mellar has two dreams. First, he wants to turn his wings into a creation of flesh and blood. Second, he wants to remove the control that the mystics have over magic so that anyone can learn and use magic without fear.

“You rely on your own abilities. Your physical abilities, your powers with magic. Your pride protects you, and keeps you from failure. No matter what you do, you believe that you can save you.” – The Tormentor, talking about Mellar directly to Mellar (draft form)



Protective, Intelligent, Rational (usually), Learned to look after herself and others

Daeya’s dream is to create something beautiful in order to add some form of beauty to the world. She also wants that beauty to be appreciated by others, and to feel the value of her own creations. She wants be an idealistic artist, seeing the good in the world and seeking to add more beauty to it.

However, life had other plans for her. She discovered magic by accident, finding it as a great power. Daeya immediately tried to improve her world with it, until the mystics came for her. Transported against her will, she found herself held prisoner and awaiting the mystic tests.

Daeya’s strengths include her intelligence, seeing the good in situations, and learning to care for herself and others. She becomes like a sister to Willow, trying to keep her new training partner alive. Her weaknesses include her own emotions (seeing good can be both a weakness and a strength), how unsure she is about her own abilities, and how protective she can be of others.

Daeya is of average height, with blonde hair and brown eyes. She has pleasing facial features, but is not strikingly beautiful. She likes to wear greens, browns, and reds. She learned how to care for herself and her father after her mother passed away at a young age. Her father was drunk and absent a lot, often getting himself into trouble and debt. She has had to save him many times.

Daeya’s song: Something Beautiful by NeedToBreathe [link]



Fearful, Young, In need of help, In want of comfort

Willow is young, only twelve years old during Wing. She is very fearful of the mystics, and has trouble trusting others. Her strengths include her ability with magic (she is unusually strong and magic takes less life essence than usual from her) and her attachment to her dreams. Her weaknesses include limited experience, not doing well under pressure, and troubles with memory under stress.

She is of average build for her age with medium-length light brown hair. Willow has hazel eyes and likes wearing red. Her dream is to become a traveler so that she can see the world and meet all the people who call it home. She also wants to find her father.

[Revealing more of her backstory may reveal too much. So, I will not reveal it here.]



Fallen, Older than most mystics survive to, Strong, Playful / Mischevious, Fearful of death

Miiyenae is a fallen mystic who takes apprentices from time to time. Her longest-lasting student is Mellar, the only one who has not died under her instruction. She has made a name and reputation for herself as someone who is not afraid to break the rules or oppose the mystics. Her income is made through a variety of payments that she takes in exchange for odd or difficult jobs and quests.

Her strengths include a strong ability with knowledge, a strong ability with magic (power drawn), the wisdom that she has acquired in her lifetime, and her intelligence. Her weaknesses include limited tolerance for people, limited patience, how much she fears death, and the regrets that she still holds surrounding her family.

Miiyenae has lived to be older than most mystics (fallen or not) because she strictly limits her use of magic. Her fear of death often forces her to find alternatives to using her own abilities in order to preserve her own life. She has dark brown eyes and likes wearing dark colors. Her hair used to be dark brown, but is not anymore.

[Revealing her backstory here would definitely reveal too much. However, it can be mentioned that she became fallen by sleeping with the wrong council member’s daughter. Miiyenae’s Fall, a short on the extras page, pertains to her backstory.]


Yellow Robes / Rard / Tormentor / Gar

Revealing this now may reveal too much. However, do realize that these are important characters with important motives. The tormentor has bright green eyes, which can either be interpreted as hinting at intelligence or as hiding a monster that is resting underneath.

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