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Note: This system has since been improved. This post is still here as a record of that previous system.

With this specific book, I have to admit that I misplaced my original lists. So, I rewrote them for this post. If I somehow missed anything, then it was not intentional.



Distant, Daydreamer, Close to magic / affected by magic

Strengths: Knowledge, Loyalty of Parnih

Weaknesses: Obliviousness vs knowing, Hard to get close to (distant), Burdened by her dreams

Physical descript: Slightly shorter than average, with light brown/blonde hair cut to shoulder length. Has green eyes. Likes wearing blues and greens.

Backstory: (including this here would spoil too much)



Loyal, Suspicious, Protective

Strengths: Loyalty, Protectiveness, Willingness to do any task (or carry any burden) to help his sister

Weaknesses: Suspiciousness, Loyalty, Does not know anger until it comes to him

Physical descript: Taller than average, yet not too tall. Has dark brown hair with the occasional freckle, and has the type of build that supports athleticism, yet has not taken the opportunity to improve that ability. Likes wearing darker colors, especially browns and blacks.

Backstory: (including this here would spoil too much)



Talks too much, Passion, Confidence, Quest for Assiyara (what we seek in life / purpose in life)

Strengths: Passion, Agility, Confidence

Weaknesses: Lack of understanding of certain emotions, love of Lyva, Suspicious only if confronted with suspicious nature (Parnih), Temper, Is sometimes (often?) reckless

Physical descript: Unkept dark brown hair usually hanging around his face. Lighter skin, with a clustered line of freckles crossing his nose. Wears a blood-colored jacket that fits loosely and appears to be a few sizes too big. Other than that, he prefers to wear dark clothing since it shows less dirt and needs to be washed less often. The most obvious thing about his appearance is the fact that he does not wear any shoes.

Backstory: Ran away from abusive home when still a little kid. Continued running, until he heard about Assiyara. He liked the idea, and began his own a quest to discover it and prove its existence to the world.

[The Case of the Missing Shoes]


Levia (“Leh-veye-ah”)

Distant, Daydreamer, Not studious

Strengths: Survival, Distance (because of distant trait)

Weaknesses: Daydreams and sleeps often, His father’s control, Hard to get close to (distant), His attraction to Lyva, and how much they have in common

Physical descript: Medium height, light blonde hair. Lighter colored skin, with some freckles. Likes to wear greens and browns. Has brown eyes.

Backstory: Has always lived under the control of his father, the high magistrate. Learned to distance himself as a defense mechanism at a young age, until it became a part of his personality. Often escapes into the world of daydreams, and sleeps a lot because he has always preferred the world of dreams to the world of reality.



Strong, Morals, Value of choice

Strengths: Morals, Physical strength and abilities, Magic

Weaknesses: Willing to go against anyone to follow own morals, Hard to get close to

Physical descript: Older, middle aged. Dark brown hair, almost black. Tall, not too opposing appearance. Otherwise, average enough to easily disappear into the crowd. Likes to wear the color blue.

Backstory: Is close to the high magistrate, will do whatever he is told unless it contradicts his morals. Was born outside of the mystics city, became a mystic blood-child by passing the tests. Prefers not to hold regrets because of how much he misses his previous family.


High Magistrate

Strong, Power-hungry, Overly protective and controlling of his son

Strengths: Knowledge, Power that already has

Weaknesses: Temper, Control, Hungry for power, already has power yet is unsatisfied with how much he does have

Physical descript: Average looking, not too tall and not too short. Middle-aged, older than Shar. Is disappointed at hair beginning to turn grey from dark reddish-brown. Mentally, has a very imposing self. Likes to wear the color red because it reminds him of violence and bloodshed, which he sees as ways of attaining control.

Backstory: Has always done whatever it takes to achieve power, no matter the consequence. A previous consequence was the death of his mother, yet he does not regret his own actions. If anything, this only made his desires and convictions stronger.  If someone dares to insult his mother, or refer to her death in a negative way, then they will not survive the hour. If the other person is a mystic, then their death will be swiftly arranged.

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