Victim Character Descripts




The physical descriptions of this character within Victim were limited intentionally. However, he has an average height, dark brown hair, and brown eyes. I never officially decided this for certain, but he probably has some degree of eastern asian ancestry. Mica feels like he has trouble existing in the world. Even since he can remember, he’s had this nagging feeling that he was never meant to be born. He thinks he knows where he’s going, but, at the same time, he knows how limited his knowledge is. He always feels at odds with the world, out of place in it. He relies a lot on Rina (his girlfriend) and on the man in his mind, a guardian angel-type entity in his thoughts. His hobbies include parkour, freerunning, and questioning reality.


Rina is of average height with brown eyes. She often dyes her hair, but its natural color is light brown. Because of the myriad of scars from cutting (and her discomfort with her own body), she always covers her arms and legs, usually with clothing that is too big for her. She also feels at odds with the world, so her relationship with Mica becomes a refuge. Her hobbies include reading, baking (and learning to cook), experimenting with alternative fashion, and hating technology.

A note about how Rina navigates her world: the world around her is not always kind. I never clarified why, and that is intentional, since the story is told from Mica’s perspective. Think about it like this: if you had a partner with a skin condition, for example, would you see your partner or the skin condition? Although I never clarified it, the prevailing thought is that you would just see you partner. Mica does observe her scars sometimes, but only in the context of noticing her covering them or worrying about her hurting herself. Although Rina is not canonically a transgirl, I did consider that when I initially wrote her. However, I ultimately opted to give her a skin condition instead. Let me give you a real world example that is more in line with what I intended:

I have an obvious facial birthmark. When I was very, very little, my mother took me out on one of my earliest outings with her to the grocery store. A woman started yelling at her because she thought my mother was abusing me. I remember once a man crossed himself and went very out of his way to avoid passing me on the sidewalk. My (very, very upset) mother got called to my elementary school once because a faculty member thought I had poison ivy. It’s normal for me to be stared at in public, and sometimes people try to take non-consensual photos. I could continue with this list from there, but you get the idea by now. For anyone who has never seen me in person, I have an image of myself up on the about page. But I get reactions like this way too often.

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