A Brush with Death



[SPOILERS! This short extra does contain spoilers for Victim]


“I suppose I’m dead.”

Her hair was bright blue today, like a glimpse of a neon sky. Under the city lights, the color was especially bright, like a miniature blue blaze. Her oversized bag was on her back, already packed for the journey ahead. In her left hand was a purple rose, the same one Mica had given her just two days before. The petals were still healthy, artificially preserved like a 3D photograph. In front of her was a murderscreen. This year’s victims were displayed with smiling faces, just as artificial in their preservation.

She lowered herself to her knees, her eyes already pinned to the most recent image. It was another smiling face, framed by her bright blue hair. Slowly, she reached up her right hand, letting her fingertips grace the screen. She slid her hand across, following the edge of the image of her hair. It was somewhat surreal, seeing her own face up there.

“I’m dead. You can stop now.” Her voice sounded more pathetic than she intended. Her left hand fidgeted with her skirt a moment, her right hand pulling her hair behind her ears. Taking a deep breath, she stopped fidgeting, gripping her elbows. She closed her eyes, taking another deep breath.

“I’m dead. You will stop now.” Her voice sounded confident, determined. That was the voice she wanted to hear: the voice of a strong heroine, not that of a victim. She opened her eyes, meeting those of her image in front of her. Slowly, she took in another deep breath, her right hand retracing its path across the screen. Rina stood to leave, finally averting her eyes. She dropped the purple rose, letting it join the makeshift memorial.

“I really am sorry Mica.”

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