Fun author notes

Now for something a bit more lighthearted after that last serious post.

I just encountered this note when editing today:

[This is last segment of Taupo reprint :)]

And it reminded me that I’ve been compiling some of my more interesting author notes for a blog post like this. Admittedly, they’re not all humorous. Here we go:

[The reason I edit when I type: The intensity in my search intensified.]

The rest of my day was spent in a restless recovery. I tried to relax, but I could never seem to get the edge off. [Why does this sound like Manny? Probably because I was just talking to him]

(Context: in examining books on a bookcase) Then Into the Unknown, Victim, and Will to Speak, some of my favorites [:)][If I do a sequel I’ll likely expand the in-joke]

(Context: there’s a Nimble in Will to Speak with a facial birthmark) [I saw two people in person with the same facial birthmark as me this week. One kid in Richmond, one teen pumping gas] [:)][And another one today while editing (student (lead?) at [GHS])] [And another at [TE] (adult in scrubs dropping kid off)]

(Context: Will to Speak, noted for the fun fact since sometimes I text people I know for suggestions on weird language) [unnerving but somehow both elusory and all-encompassing eye contact  in chap 9 was formerly skirting. This started at unskirting. Dad says glancing, mom says flirting eye contact. A juxtaposition makes so much more sense here. Amoung the considered: evading, evasive, elusory and captive to more all-encompassing.]

“Kid?” Matteo exclaimed in alarm. Our handler lifted his other foot and chose that moment to caress my neck with it. [The f*ck?] [This should probably be cut]

[old-timey jukebox with mechanical arm. Because I think their future looks too desolate without it]

[end up in inner grid SEZ? At least we weren’t one over in the SEs. Although my brain was dipping into the gutter with that thought.]

Here are also some fun typos I’ve found recently:

I could still wee my frantic handprints and muffled scratches.

So hopefully having that sensation in my knee was a god sign.

Sometimes you’ve a bit of a jerk.

Bot so much that I like.”

I dug out a pot lid from a lover cabinet.

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