Note: It’s Always a Dark Topic was the name of my portfolio in creative writing in high school. My writing style has since improved, but I’m still proud of the pieces I’ve put on my site. Looking back, I can see the beginnings of my style, but also some of the mistakes I used to make a lot. Overall, though, I am still proud of these, mostly because I greatly enjoyed writing them at the time. Enjoy πŸ™‚

Sadness. Anger. Disgrace. Dishonor. Hatred. More hatred. Ever consuming, ever growing hatred. Always hatred.

A lone being stood staring down at the walkway from the window ledge. From there, he watched a group of celebrating party-goers leaving his castle below him. As he watched, he grew angry at their privilege and disgusted at their happiness. They enter and leave as they please upon their own two legs, yet they can never understand his pain, or his curse.

The never ending hatred grew again, for now it had a target. Instead of being angry at the world itself, he became angry at the party-goers and what they represent. Vague memories of joy, happiness, adventure, and excitement confused his hatred for mere moments, before the hatred again conquered his heart.

With his heart, it also conquered his mind, for that is what the sorceress had said. She had said that hatred would consume him, and leave him in his cursed form forever. Now, it had finally consumed him. As he returned his attention to the party-goers, one of them made the mistake of looking up towards the window ledge.

From this other man’s point of view, he saw the strangest thing upon that ledge. It, by itself, appeared to be an ancient unlit jack-o-lantern. Or, at least, it was until the man looked into its eyes.

Hatred. More hatred. Ever consuming, ever growing hatred. Always hatred. Above all else, and above anyone’s control. Hatred. Always hatred.

Now, the man screamed in agony as death’s arrow of hatred struck his heart.

[I had to retype this one. It was hard not to edit it.]

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