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Genre: Horror

Pages: [Not yet recorded]

Word Count: [~7.5k as of December 13, 2020]

Publishing Date: Pending plotting, editing, writing, more editing, more writing, a final readthrough, and then betas



[Summary has yet to be written, but I have some ideas. There are more gory dream sequences than usual in my outline so far.]


Sum it up in one sentence:




That’s a working title above, but it seems to fit reasonably well. I might keep it šŸ™‚

This book mostly has a main premise. It was originally a little mini project I set aside after drafting the opening scene. I didn’t know where I was going with it at all! But I wanted to draft that first chapter after a weird encounter I’d had. There’s a real city I visited while working abroad where they are planning to remove some environmental clean-up domes from the harbor. I asked where the domes would go and got a strange non-answer. It occurred to me how frustrating that could be.

But then a friend of a friend came out during the pandemic lockdown. I read her post on social media where she used the term masking. I’d heard it before, but not in that context. It’s occurred to me how vigilant people are around neurotypes in the US, but not where I’ve been living abroad. It’s actually a nice respite. When I was walking on the beach later, a whole list of plotpoint-like ideas came to me for this side project. I had just finished a wonderful writing retreat on that beach (and, for obvious reasons, wasn’t planning to leave the area yet), so it seemed like a wonderful time to explore those ideas. This particular draft is currently a secondary project while I focus primarily on The Man on the Stage.

(By the way, that real city is actually a very pleasant place to visit. I wouldn’t want to live there for very long, but it’s actually really nice. I wanted to fit the horror tone better with some darker scenes for the book.)


Nate’s song? He should have one, but I haven’t picked it yet. That’s also a different name than I would usually go with. What do I mean by that? I’ve had some real-world friends named Nate. Usually I wouldn’t use that name for a main character because of it.


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