The Man on the Stage


Genre: Science Fiction

Pages: [Not yet recorded]

Word Count: [~12k as of April 3, 2021]

Publishing Date: Pending plotting, editing, writing, more editing, more writing, a final readthrough, and then betas



[Summary has yet to be written, but it involves rewriting a death]


Sum it up in one sentence:

Dmitrya turns to a self-important street magician for help in dying a little differently.



Well, this story features two characters I originally made for a LARP. Don’t know what that is? I’ll put the Wikipedia link [here]. That means I initially acted as both of this story’s main characters (albeit in a different setting). Dmitrya and Amine (Ah-meehn) were tremendously fun for me to play. They were also two of the first LARP characters I ever created. I did conclude Amine’s arc, but it bugged me for a while that I couldn’t get some of the details to unfold in quite the way I wanted them to. Dmitrya never interacted directly with Amine in a LARP setting (because, well, I played them both), but they do make a lot of sense together. When I started writing Amine into a story, it made perfect sense to me to include Dmitrya. She even arrived with a premise for the book. The current conclusion I have planned wraps up both characters’ arcs and satisfies their lives in story form.

Curious what LARP? Well, this wasn’t an official one. This was me and a bunch of friends at college in WestMo’s basement. This story’s setting, Victory Dreams of Techno Sleep, also fits these characters wonderfully. I know, that setting’s not so well fleshed out yet as it could be, but I’m getting there.


Dmitrya’s song? The Glorious Sons Everything is Alright. You can [find it on youtube here]

Amine’s song? He should have one, but I haven’t picked it yet.


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