Victory Dreams Attire

[Victory Dreams of Techno-Sleep]

(This is part of a science fiction world descript.)

I am not known for historical accuracy. In fact, I enjoy dictating the rules when I write science fiction. If I want an ocean planet full of human-eating whales and florescent bubble cacti, then I will make that planet. And I will make some sort of logic for why it exists.

The reason I bring up this hypothetical planet now?

So I can have another excuse to play with this setting.

I want to keep the steampunk roots, but expand on my options. So, here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

  1. Any attire from early Victorian England to ~1930s England is acceptable.
  2. American 1920s and 1930s attire is also acceptable, but more prominent under particular circumstances. For example, American 1930s is more likely to be worn by workers on a manual job. And flappers do not randomly walk down the street (they get to mix in with other fancy dress attire at events).
  3. I’m allowing for some more “pop culture” (ish) views of outfits from this era since I think that’s more fun.
  4. I am also allowing more modern color and dye options, but neon (or anything similar) is restricted to Ekzers. This means that neon is technically illegal.

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