Will to Speak is finally published!

It’s finally published! My third sci-fi! There’s a minor technical hiccup, but my book is available for purchase.

For some reason, the ebook says it was published April 21st, and the paperback says April 22nd. They were officially published on my end within about a minute of each other. But I did receive the approval email for the ebook at ~11:30pm, and the approval email for the paperback at ~2:30am. Officially, the publication date is the 22nd of April. The problem is that I don’t seem to be able to fix this (but I am working on it).

The ebook can be found [here].

The paperback can be found [here].

Note from the future: It’s fixed! But I had to email amazon about it. The correct link is now [here]. The books are correctly linked (on a different url than the one I initially shared for the ebook), but the publishing date remains off. Honestly, I’m not very inclined to fix the date on the ebook now that the books are properly linked.

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