Note: It’s Always a Dark Topic was the name of my portfolio in creative writing in high school. My writing style has since improved, but I’m still proud of the pieces I’ve put on my site. Looking back, I can see the beginnings of my style, but also some of the mistakes I used to make a lot. Overall, though, I am still proud of these, mostly because I greatly enjoyed writing them at the time. Enjoy πŸ™‚


The way is blocked.

Heavy, ancient chains

Block the entrance.

They keep this door

In its place.


The monsters

Reach and claw

From the other side.

They fight against these chains.

They are coming for me.


Ancient memories.

Old thoughts of hate.

Evil images.

Feelings of shame.

Hidden from truth.


The spinning wheel.

The passing faces.

The wand’ring thoughts.

The hiding wish.

All trapped, beyond that door.


Cracks have appeared

With the passage of time.

The chains have lost

Some of their strength

To rust and decay.



They may break free.


They may capture me.

It is only a matter of time.


The question is

What would happen then?

Would I win?

Or would they all

Consume me?


In another place,

In another time,

In another thought,

Everything is different.

Everything is changed.


The bright blue sky

Welcomes us.

It fills all with life,

And light.

And hope.


If we wander,

Then we end here.

Any who may waver,

Must return.

We know this place.


It is a safe haven

For before we move on.

We can only hope

To life out our days

In a place as peaceful as this.


All are loved here.

All are free here.

All are wanted here.

All are welcomed here.

In this place of peace.


The evil thoughts

Have no ground here.

They try to take us,

Only to lose eternity.

All are safe.


Someday, we’ll move up

To what is waiting beyond.

Always remembering

To say our goodbyes

For we never know

When the time will come.


[I have left out the last two lines here for reasons I will not specify. They are a translation to the effect of:]

Up to the gates of heaven.

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