Technologies seen in time point three

[The Balance of Souls]

This section will be forever incomplete. As I continue to write stories set in this setting, I will inevitably create new technologies to add to this list. Also, I do let other people write in my settings. So, if someone does create a fitting technology someday that impresses me, I’ll add it to this list. Here goes:

Into the Unknown (ItU) – Time machines. For the actual theory behind time travel in this setting, see that link off the main world descript. Here is a quote from ItU describing the appearance of a time machine (yes, dents and all): “The device was a large metal pod. The outside was made of an assortment of 5-sided panels, with rungs protruding from several locations. I counted two repair panels, several instances of surface conduit, six monitor ports, and at least thirty dents.” Here is a quote to describe the inside: “The device contained three secured chairs. The front one was centered (likely the pilot’s seat) with a wall of colorful controls on the right armrest tablet. The controls were lit up, functioning, sending a distinct smirk across my lips. An intact-seeming screen lined the wall on my right with several complicated diagrams and extraneous-seeming numbers. The habitable area inside was much smaller than the main device, barely big enough for the three chairs and a few non-existent supply bins.” The descriptors for time machines in this setting are not complicated.

ItU – Grey gears. These are also described on the terms post for time point three. Grey gears literally looks like a grey gear with a tiny needle off the one side. Someone who is close to death can attain one from the military police. Essentially, it is used to euthanize someone close to death, whether this is because of sickness or grave injury. Although rapid heals still exist, it is rare to find a full-body one functioning. Therefore, certain diseases such as lung and bone cancer have higher death rates than they did in time point two. For example, if someone has lung cancer and cannot gain access to a full-body rapid heal, they can attain a grey gear for use when they choose, such as when the pain becomes severe. There have been cases of people stealing grey gears in order to commit suicide.

ItU – Lilchtee. A type of candy. See the post specific to lilchtee off the main world descript.

ItU – Rapid heals. These look like they did in time point two, except now they’re portable with a self-recharging power source. Essentially, a rapid heal looks like a medium-sized box with a tube-shaped hole cut through one side of it. Function keys (as opposed to touch screens) are used to activate it. In the event of a malfunction, rapid heals are designed to shut down. Larger, full-body rapid heals do still exist, but they’re rare by this point. A rapid heal in this time point can now fix most injuries in less than one minute. They are still known to leave a persistent itch afterwards.

ItU – Thermal-consistent wear. These are also described on the terms post for time point three. A common type of durable clothing that favors functionality. Typically black in color, this clothing is surprisingly thin (roughly an eighth an inch thick). It functions to naturally keep a being’s body temperature at a comfortable degree, regardless of the outside conditions. Yes, variations exist for cats, dogs, birds, hamsters, and other pets. Thermal-consistent wear is still effective even in the most extreme of weather conditions. The most basic version (long pants, shoes, and long sleeve shirt) is relatively easy to create and distribute, even in this time point. However, gloves and socks are notoriously difficult to attain since most people who create thermal-consistent wear find them superfluous when compared to the demand for the basic version. Voucher cards are always plentiful for people who make this type of clothing.

ItU – Meal pills. These are also described on the terms post for time point three. All the energy and nutrients (roughly) needed to survive for half a day. These are a common sight in the outer zones since they are easy to get quickly out of a functioning food replicator. Anyone going into the outer zone tries to take at least one bag with them A bag is roughly the size of a closed fist and carries enough for one person for 30 days.

ItU – Functioning lesson tablets. These are also described on the terms post for time point three. They are part of what’s left of the education system. Many shelters still have classrooms, at least for basic literacy and life skills. However, in order to further someone’s education, especially if they want to learn in depth about a particular topic, they’ll have to find a functioning lessen tablet. There are an estimated 10 functioning lesson tablets per 200 humans. Most tablets do contain a wide array of information, so any tablet can usually convey information on almost any topic, unless someone wants to get exceptionally specific about a niche topic (such as how thread was made in 1500s England). Most tablets are touchscreen or static field (four corners that break off to form an interactive field in the center), but some are controlled with arrow buttons on the sides.

ItU – functioning food replicators. Bigger and more effective than in time point three, functioning food replicators can create entire meals in less than a minute. Most shelters are equip with several. Smaller, older models (such as the ones in time point two) are still present in most shelters, although they’re usually reserved as back-ups for the more efficient ones.

These were expanded on in WtS:

“Once the people in front of us had filtered through, Emalyn approached the screen. I could see around her shoulder: it started as a diagram of a plate with a drink cup. It looked like you tapped the section to fill in what you wanted, skipping anything you didn’t. but Emalyn flicked through the options so fast I’ll admit I didn’t follow. Then a slot popped open and a drawer slid out with her coffee and biscuit. She scooped it up then stepped to the side.

“I took one more step forward. The screen glistened like it was covered in sweat. When I tapped the drink cup, it felt oily, greasy, almost slimy. But I resisted the urge to wipe my finger on my shorts. I tried to breeze through the menu options instead: fruity, juice, grape. Sure. I knew they could screw that up, but I figured it wouldn’t be as bad as something like raspberry tea or orange soda. I had one down, at least one to go. The plate had one large, encompassing circle for main dish, or a smaller circle on the inside with options like side one, side two, and main course. I stumbled over the options for a moment.

“The person behind me grumbled something unintelligible, but Emalyn shot them a glare so I ignored it. What else would be fitting but hard to screw up?

“Quickly, I clicked through: main course, breakfast, toast, plain. Side dish one: peach slices. Oops. Well, now that was a risk I’d have to take. I couldn’t seem to cancel anything. Or could I? The distinctly-disgruntled mumblings behind me seemed to be getting louder, but Emalyn paid them no mind. I’ll admit I rushed and pushed the dispense button. As soon as that slot opened, I (surprisingly gracefully?) yanked my metal tray out.”

Will to Speak (WtS) – Nimbles. These are basically a hybrid between a human and the Pyrrh. The humans think they’re human, albeit with Pyrrh tech visibly integrated into their bodies. They’re called ‘Nimbles’ because of their propensity for agile movements and flight. Most Nimbles are children, and it is odd to see one speak a human language. It is rare to hear one speak at all, but a Nimble speaking in a way a human can understand is not unheard of. The Nimbles speak to each other through a type of visual language that involves finger motions. They can communicate with the Pyrrh, but only on a very basic level. Pyrrh do not harm Nimbles since they them to perceive them as curiosities instead of potential threats (think how a person might perceive a beautiful bird). For the most part, humans do grant Nimbles access to human spaces (such as shelters and inner zones), but Nimbles do face resistance. Many humans question their humanity, argue that they should be denied resources, and openly demand their allegiance. Nimbles are not spies, but they have no way to communicate that well. (At some point I might add a sketch here.)

WtS: Empaths do exist among humans. This is not a technology, but it’s worth noting. You can find a post dedicated to Nimbles and empaths [here].

WtS: Atmosphere filters. They are actually in place sometimes before or around time point two, but the Pyrrh control them by time point three. I added them because I think they’re a useful addition considering our current pollution problem. I’ll admit to not having thought through too much of how these work for the setting.

The majority of the remainder of technologies characters might encounter are likely analog (“technology that’s too dumb to think”). Although humanity has had to default to many older systems in their struggles against the Pyrrh, there are forms of technology that can be counted on to never acquire a Pyrrh’s awareness. To clarify: rapid heals and certain other technologies are a ticking time bomb: the more people leave time point three, the more likely a computer-related technology to gain a Pyrrh’s awareness. That change, at least, is gradual (once the awareness appears, it takes a while for a Pyrrh to realize it does actually exist). Therefore, rapid heals, functioning lesson tablets, and similar technologies cannot be used indefinitely – eventually, humanity will have to find other solutions.

[The technologies from Will to Speak will be added soon. I know there is a lot of crossover between this list and the terms of time point three, but that was unavoidable. I feel like I forgot some for ItU? I’ll fix that later if I did.]

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