Short Stories


I do (somewhat regularly) submit to anthologies. One of these submissions is soon to be published, another is in publisher limbo, a third was accepted and then rejected because the editor accepted too many submissions (last one in, last one out, but that’s more a reflection on them). Eventually, I do hope to actually include at least one of these here. in the meantime:

It’s Always a Dark Topic

It’s Always a Dark Topic is the name I gave my portfolio at the end of high school creative writing. Yes, I noticed a theme when I picked the name. Also included from high school are Poison and Cursed, although these were actually published in my high school’s literary magazine.

[We Cry]Β [Misplaced]


[The Death of Ingvar Batista] [Misplaced]

[The Prince’s Ascent] [Misplaced]




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